Thursday, February 15, 2007

We managed to get some Mayura Station Wagyu!

Both grade 9 ($128.90 for 300gm) and grade 5 ($58.90 for 300gm) ribeyes are now available whilest stocks last.


Anonymous said...

rock on!!! hope i can some how manage to get the few batch of it when i manage to persude my parents to make another pan-island trip

Anonymous said...

Heh. I tried your Grade 9 last Thu and it was very good. Keep out the good work and have a great year ahead.

P.S: Hope the chef liked his beer.

Anonymous said...

i am an interviewer of SOE(spirit of enterprise) awards, and i hope to nominate the owners of the AstonsSpecialities for the award.

there are 2 criteria though,
1. the owner must be a singaporean.
2. the business must be in running for minimum 5 years.
if both criteria are fulfilled,

Please reply to my comment and I will call you ASAP!

For more info about SOE, please go to Http://

Cheers, pin

Aston said...

To Pin, I felt very honored to hear your thoughts about us. I am a singaporean and our establishment was relatively new( coming 2 years in operation) It may be too soon to recieve such prestigous award. Again i want to express my hearfelt thanks to you for giving us the invaluable source of encouragement and motivation to make each day a better day for everybody(Patrons, Business Associates, Astons Team Members). A Big THANK YOU To You

Anonymous said...

Hi Aston, do you have an email address? I would like to interview you via email for a newsletter. I will provide you more specific details in my email. Thank you.



Anonymous said...

I wish Aston all the best, and in 2 years to come, get the SOE award.:)


aston said...

To Amelia & All

For any correspondence, you can contact us by Email - or just call our restaurant number at 62477857. We will be glad to hear from you on any matters. Thank You.