Monday, January 29, 2007

Due to overwhelming demand for the Grade 9 Wagyu Ribeye steak from Mayura Station, we are bringing in another batch this Wednesday 31 Jan. It will be available for dinner. We have very limited stock so those who missed out the last time may want to call first to reserve a slice. This time we are offering a 300g cut. The cost will be around $40-$45 per 100gm

We will also be serving US Prime Sirloin 250gm @$29.95

Friday, January 26, 2007

Celebrity Steak Jan 2007

We are currently featuring the USDA Prime Ribeye 250gm
The meat is airflown direct from Harris Ranch in the US
USDA Prime meat is beefy and robust but still very tender due
to the excellent marbling of the meat
For a limited time only, it is $29.90 with 2 side dishes

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Many thanks to all Aston Customers! We have been featured in 3 different papers this weekend!

We know that it is sometimes hard to get a seat in our Restaurant, so Astons is proud to announce that plans are already underway to expand our premises from a 36 seater to a 90 seater. We hope this will help to meet your needs. You can expect the new premises (just next door) to be a whole new concept, designed to bring back childhood memories and to ensure that you get to enjoy your meal in a comfortable environment.

Stay Tuned and thanks for your continued support!

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