Friday, January 26, 2007

Celebrity Steak Jan 2007

We are currently featuring the USDA Prime Ribeye 250gm
The meat is airflown direct from Harris Ranch in the US
USDA Prime meat is beefy and robust but still very tender due
to the excellent marbling of the meat
For a limited time only, it is $29.90 with 2 side dishes


fartboystinks said...

It's my first visit on 26th Jan! I came with my friend hoping to munch on the Wagyu ribeye but much to our disappointment it was no longer on the menu.

The nice lady on the counter recommended us this steak and I must say it is FANTASTIC. Any chance you guys gonna bring back Wagyu? Anyway, great steak you have there. The doneness (medium rare) is perfect and the sides are nice.

I came, I saw, I ate.

Anonymous said...

Any possibility of getting a larger cut of this delightful ribeye? How about a 12 ounce cut or even a larger 14 ounce through advance ordering?