Friday, September 29, 2006

Astons Blog

Welcome to Astons Specialties!

Very glad that you managed to drop by!

Our restaurant serves great tasting western cuisine at even better prices.

We are planning to use this site to update you on various new receipe developments. Over the next few months we will be doing various promotions where we are going to feature steaks from all around the globe. So do check this blogsite to see what is available.

Next month we will be bringing in some delicious Wagyu Ribeye Steak. For those who don't know about the amazing Wagyu beef steak, well you just have to come in and find out. And we promise that you will leave with lots of change in your wallet.


Astons Specialties said...

The ieatSuper Burger will be available from Tuesday 3 October

highlander said...

So any luck for the 400gm $60 wagyu steak? =P
You can promo it as "wagyu waiting for?"

Eldarion said...

Hi, is it feasible for the restaurant to try doing smoked beef ribs? I heard nice things about the dish but have never tried it before, seems quite rare in Singapore.

Otherwise please do keep up the good work! I enjoyed my dining experience very much the last time and look forward to my next visit.

Anonymous said...

Went to Aston yesterday- I agreed the extra prime cut is very value for money.

A few suggestion to Aston though-
1. salt should be readily availble in each table, the pepper should be of better type (use pepper grinder), but I guess at that price- I have no complaint , still I would like to enjoy my steak even more by above improvement.
2. The plate should be hot as the steak will get cold quickly
3. The workflow can be improved a little, ie crowd control, the counter staff should never leave the counter. On my way out, one auntie complaint to me where the q is, as there is no q at all. One way of managing this is the counter staff should greet them, proving them their presence is noted to avoid unhappiness
4. Not used to pay first then eat- What if I want to add order?
5. Not used to order at the counter first- What if I cannot decide on the order, does that mean the person behind me have to wait longer still? this will create more unhappiness
6. Abit of table manner- the waiter should at least put the cutlery poperly rather than just drop it off

To be honest- I forgot to pay the bill after I sat down- I only realised this after I sat down and saw other customer paying first. I could have eaten the food for free!

Still I will still come back- for the steak....

Ieat- hope Aston can accept my suggestion

Anonymous said...

are we able to make reservation for seats as me and frens( ard 10 pax ) might be dropping by???

Derek said...

While the fish dishes are so-so, I'd have to say that the beef at Astons is really what people should go there for. The prime ribeye with extra cut is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Possible to send Astons an email? Maybe I missed it...but where is the email address?

Anonymous said...

interested in ordering takeaway prime rib for Christmas Dinner on 22 Dec. Possible?

Anonymous said...

is your restaurant halal?

Anonymous said...

are the meat supplies halal? i know alot of muslims who'd love to try aston's!

Anonymous said...


I'm a regular customer of Astons Specialties (East Coast Road). I followed them since they first started out as a western food stall at a small coffeeshop along East Coast Road with only 2 guys (Bosses of Astons?) managing the stall. Their food was fantastic! And their service were excellent too. I still remembered there's this particular time when i ordered Chicken Chop, they heard wrongly and they gave me a Chicken Cutlet. After that the guy keep apologising to me and he insisted to change for me. However, I did not change it as I don't want to trouble them and he really felt very guilty over it. And when I asked for more mayonaise, he gave me 3 big scoops of mayonaise (not stingy at all, unlike some other places). I really really love their service and their food. That is why I choose to go back to them even after I shifted house.

Now, not only they have shifted to a bigger place, they even have a few outlets all around Singapore. Initially, I find the place quite cozy. But now, maybe because they are getting famous, business getting good, they placed more tables. Which made the place getting more and more cramp. You are like sitting just 30cm away from a stranger. Waiters and waitresses are like knocking onto you whenever they walk pass you.

Their food is still as yummy. Service not too bad. It's only the 'crampness' of the place that makes me feel uncomfortable eating there. So I really hope that they can do something to improve the 'coziness' of the place.

Lem said...

I would like to make a complain about a staff at your Cathay branch. Hope this is the right channel. If not pls direct me to someone.

One of the male waiter (didn't get his name) lied to us blantely for a mistake the restaurant made.

We were still waiting for our food 50 mins after we placed our order. Tables that were served later than ours got their food WAY before we did. Sensing something amiss, I enquired the waiter on what the hold up was. He came back with this ABSURD REASON: "sorry we over cooked the food". Does he think we're dumb or something? So i asked, what exactly did the kitchen overcooked. He looked at the receipt and said, the chicken, the salmon, and the steak. What?! The kitchen overcooked 3 different dishes? How coincidental! He walked away without responding.

We felt really insulted by his response. Before we left, my friend kindly went to the counter and asked what exactly happened, and the lady HONESTLY told her. She said that they canceled our order by mistake, thinking we were another table. So my friend told her that we would appreciate honesty instead of non intelligent lies, to which she immediately appologised.

I would certainly have that waiter sacked!

But well done on the food and price. Enjoyed the meal.

Jimmy said...

Hi, me and my families are regular in astons 6th ave, we always go there almost every weekends for the steaks is really value for money and once I went there but it is close for renovation then I drove to ghim moh, that the only place nearest to 6th ave, we had a dinner there we ordered 2 ribeye cut, 1 new york, 1teriyaki chicken and 3 soup, but the service there is much more diffrent then 6th ave, the staff there was excellent. The malay supervisor serving us the food with a smile and words of "enjoy your meal and just let me know if you need anythings" I was thinking is just a coffee shop but the service was there.... keep it up the good work, I'll be back to ghim moh great service.