Friday, September 29, 2006

Dear Aston Fans! We are proud to present the ieatSuper Burger which will be available on 3 October as a standard Menu Item. $12.50.

The ieatSuper Burger is made from 200gm chopped Sirloin Steak, 2 slices of cheese, 2 rashers of bacon, Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, Astons Special Hickory Smoked BBQ Sauce, Astons Special Sauce and crispy onion frost all piled up in a sesame seed bun.

Be one of the first to taste it!


Holy Drummer said...


Congratulations on the new blog & of course, the new ieatSuper Burger!

T said...

Hi Aston. I specially drove down to your place @ lunch yesterday to try the Super Burger, inspired by iEat's great blog and picture.

I love burger occasionally, but NOT the Macs type. I think when in the mood a great burger is as satisfying as the most elaborate 10 course Chinese feast.

Anyway I have to say that your Superburger is very likely the BEST burger available in Sing today.

I'll certainly be back! Maybe to try the Wagyu with friends :)

Cheers and all the best!

CY said...

Hi Aston, I've been eating at your establishment for some time now, and finally decided to do away with my usual steak routine and try your ieatSuper Burger. It was true to the reviews; I enjoyed it very much.

One suggestion though: would you be able to offer grilled onions in place of the fried onion fritter in the burger? That would make the burger perfect for dieting ladies who still want their share of indulgence.

Also, would a dessert menu be anywhere on horizon for the future?

All the very best to you and your lovely restaurant!

Hearume said...

Hey! Just got to know this blog through another fellow Aston fan.

Thank you for making ieatSuperBurger all the more desirable! Though I just had my breakfast, I am already thinking of lunch.

Hope to be down there this weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Aston, thanks for introducing the iEat Superburger! Man, I was eyeing that baby from the moment I was in the queue. I had Uberburger and dare I say it...the Superburger takes the prize! :o) Worth every cent of the $12.50...although you might wanna consider throwing in a couple of fries or better still - a ball of your oh-so-yummy coleslaw! :o)

K said...

Hi Aston, been to your place recently and rather frequently at least twice a mth. 1- why did you leave that rind of fat in the burger patty? I know fat makes the burger tasty but it's quite a few big chucks which i cant chew. Either swallow or spit (end up with quite a pile, cos sirloin has this long stripe of fat) is it possible to remove the strip bf you chop it up? 2- doneness, i like my ribeye med-rare, used to be fairly consistent, but recently, the steak arrived overcooked(i counted at least twice)i had an extra cut and a normal ribeye (in 1 sitting) and turned out the normal cut was nicely done but the extra cut was abit overdone. correct me if i'm wrong, med rare shd ooze juice/blood when sliced, rite? mine was pink in the centre but juice/blood stayed in.

Tracy said...

Food is ok... I especially like the lamb chop & iEat burger...

But I am not too sure if I will ever be making another trip to your place.

We went there on Sunday around 2pm (after the usual lunch time)

Your staff were not "trained to handle crowd". We went in a group of about 12pax.

We placed our orders. They did not bother to tell us that they have ran out of drinks till we asked them (about 10 mins after ordering).

We have to ask for plates, forks and knives as it was not on the table when the food was served.

Then we were told there's not enough plate to go around. So for a group of 12, we were only given 10 plates.

I think there's a need for the service standard to catch up with your execellent food standard.

Anonymous said...

Very good burger but the service has lots of room for improvement. Ordered 3 of these on Saturday evening and had to wait 35 to 45 minutes for it. Would probably have to wait even longer if someone had not come up to me to check on what I was waiting for. The burgers was then delivered to me within 2 minutes. Makes me think that it was sitting somewhere and no one bothered to check on who had ordered it and deliver it to the customer. During that 35 to 45 minutes, a group of 4 women had already gotten their food, eaten it, paid for it, and left way before I got my burgers. Astons won't be seeing me or my friends for a while. I shouldn't have been so stupid as to assume that the lengthy wait was due to the cooking or good business (the place was only half full at the time).

jerry said...

Yo aston, I recently due to the certain advertising on another blog to patronise your place for a good lunch and boy was I shocked.

1) Aircon is non-existant. Hot.
2) Overboiled seasonal veggies.
3) Cold potatoe salad that's not even aldente but soft like it's mashed.
4) Steaks like wagyu and potterhouse is THIN like 0.8cm to 1cm. For prices like 38 & 25 bucks?
( Dude jack's places serves thicker and better cuts )
5) How do you make your steak sauces? Wine reductions? Stock reductions? Non existant at all. Please do something about it.
6) No visa / No nets. Comeon which fine establishment doesn't serve that? Only hawkers or coffeeshops?

Terribly dissappointed with the quality and overhype. Will not return to eat at all.