Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Thanks for being patient
The New Astons is now opened to serve you better!
We hope to see you soon!

Please note that our new opening times are:
11.30am to 11pm daily
Closed on Mondays


Anonymous said...

what is the mode of payment @ Astons

Aston said...

Now we have installed a Credit Card machine!

Anthony said...

Great! I look forward to trying out your new stuff although haven't managed to try your bugers let alone superburger yet.

xalmon said...

The credit card machine sounds really good. Now, i don't have to worry about not having cash.

southernoise said...

Hi Aston,

Me and my friends had a really good time yesterday. It was their first time there.

Once the teething problems are solved, Astons will be a well oiled machine!

See you guys again this Saturday!


Anonymous said...

do Astons increase the price of the food? normally when food store upgrade they will increase the price of the food

Anonymous said...

y n0 m0re delivery service eh???

karen said...

Is the ieat superburger still available? i went there twice and didn't get to eat it!!

Anonymous said...

Wah lau, wanted to patronize your place after your renovation but still too packed... had to go eat other stuff when we see the queue outside. People seem to come in large groups... damn!

Anonymous said...

wat type of cards do ya accept?

serene said...

hi,been to ur place this evening. the service really good though was busy. one of ur staff who is very kind and attentive to our order although i waited for long time as there is wrong order. I am gald oufor you that ya are able to have such a good staff though i don't know his name.

jim said...

i had your Wagyu last weekend and I swear I don't think I'll eat any other beef...

you guys have a mailing list or something so that I'll know when the next Wagyu grade 11 hits town? :D

steve said...

Hi Aston,

Just a very old friend saying hello to you and congrat on your expansion of your restaurant. Been trying to reach you but seems like you are damn busy.

Anonymous said...

Since you've listed out the price of some of your courses, was wondering why dont you do up a menu link, so that potential new customers can hv a better idea? It's juz a suggestion...

FlyDayNightLights said...


Just wanna say a big THANK YOU!

Reached your place @ 1102pm today..hungry and craving for a nice piece of steak .I was not aware of your new operation timings and was horrified when I saw your staff preparing to close the shutters.

However, Instead of turning my gf and I away, you took our orders with a big wide smile and filled our tummies with excellent quality Ribeyes that only Astons could.

Wonderful and priceless dining experience to end a long tiring Saturday.

Quality and value for money indeed!! Highest marginal utility ever! Period! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

the place was great.. went 2 time.. food was gd but i wana complain abt 1 thing.. THE ORDERING SYSTEM SUG to core.. there is soo many empty seats yet we r still waiting outside the shop... ppl are always slow deciding of what to eat .. will appreciate if the restaurant owner allow the ppl to be seated first b4 ordering.. n prob can set up with a form system like cartel.. tick on what you wana order~

Len said...

Can have a updated price list to download to facilitate office/high number of pax ordering?

lil princess said...

Hi Aston,

I would like to comment highly on your food quality and service.

The 1st two times that I ate from Aston's (the one at Serangoon Gdns) was take-aways bought home by my mum who works nearby. A familiar face actually.

It was only at the 2nd time when my mum bought for me my dinner takeaway, she also got some mushroom soup for me. I tasted it and I really liked the real mushroom that you put in your soup, unlike those Campbell sort! I KNEW that I had to bring my bf to taste your food one day, esp your soup!

So, I brought him there just on Tuesday (on our anniversary in fact). He too agreed on the good quality of the food. And of cos he loves the soup! :)

I will so totally go back there again.. And probably visit the branch at East Coast too!

p/s: I have blogged about it in my blog with pictures too... So now, more of my daily blog readers will know about you mann! :)

bratsche said...


Unfortunately I have some negative feedback. My bf and I went to Aston's on Sunday 17 June. As with the last time we went there, after waiting 15-20 min to get a seat (we called the day before but were told that they were not taking reservations for Sunday) we waited another 45 min before our food arrived.

All of which was only what we expected, but my bf had ordered the grade 5/6 Wagyu, and it came definitely overcooked, almost what I would call well done. As noted on the blogs of your supporters like ieatishootipost, when wagyu is overcooked it loses just about everything that makes it good.

After reading so much that was positive, he was very disappointed although he didn't want to make a fuss by sending it back. I wanted however to let you know about this, although frankly I'm not sure if we will be back for more.

I understand that you could be having difficulties dealing with the volume of customers, but if you are serious about serving good food, consistency and quality checks are important. Surely you should not send out a piece of Wagyu to your customer if it's clear (as I imagine it should be clear to a cook of your experience) that it's overcooked.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aston.

About a week ago, I tried your Long fed Golden Ribeye.
(The $29.90 one)

It was on a Thursday, the 21st of June, at around the late afternoon.

I ordered it medium done as it was my usual way of eating beef, and this usually does not cause any problems in my body.

But a few hours later, I had dirrohea which persisted for 2 days.

When the steak was presented on my table, I noticed the blood of the beef was black, (I confirmed it by lifting the steak up and tilting it so blood will flow out onto the plate and it will be seen under the lighting) but I did not think much of it at that point of time.

Please do understand that I am not making a complaint here, and neither am I accusing you of serving unclean food.

I just hope that perhaps you could check the beef more thoroughly next time, so the same unfortunate thing that happened to me will not happen to others, because the victims might not be so understanding

I still support your stall as always and I truly believe this was just an honest mistake which no one had any intention to make, and I will take it in good faith.

Thank you for your time and God Bless

Anonymous said...


The Singapore Women's Weekly food section will be doing an article on upmarket burgers in Singapore in the November issue and we would like to shortlist the restaurant.

As such, could i have information on a burger you would like to recommend, the name of the burger, the price, what is so special about the burger and a picture of it as well?

Do contact me at swwtemp@acpmagazines.com.sg

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,
Kathleen Wong
Food and Special Events intern
Singapore Women's Weekly

Anonymous said...

hi what's the song on your site? i like it , will be popping by ur shop soon!

yummer said...

hi! astons specialties will be listed on yum.sg soon! we chanced upon it on ieatishootiblog.

yiLIng said...

Hi Aston,

I visited your restaurant today, and I want to commend you on not only your wonderful food, but also on your wonderful service. Keep up the good job! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi aston,
Am i right i say that you have 2 shops. one is at east coast road & the other one is t serangoon garden?

Anonymous said...

is there any specials on national day for lunch?

do u all have bookings on special occasions like xmaz, national day.. etc?

aston said...

We have two outlets currently. Address as follows: 119/121 East Coast Road and 56 Serangoon Garden Way, Huak Hin Coffeeshop Stall No. 3. We will be having our third outlet ready in mid August at 467 Joo Chiat Road. Further details will be publish prior to grand opening.

Anonymous said...

the menu and prices at the 2 outlets are the same?

Gary said...

Hi Aston,

Just wanted to leave some feedback. To me, the food's great and offers good value.

However, what really irks me is the service. Now, I'm not talking about the waiting time. I'm talking about the ability to serve and pay attention to each table.

I noticed you guys have increased your staff. Sadly, your increase in staff did not translate into better service.

On two occasions, the waiters forgot my order. The 1st visit, the kitchen staff totally forgot my steak order. The most recent visit, I ordered a soup. I noted that soup orders were going to patrons who came after me. The waiter assured me that the next one will be coming my way. And yet, I saw another 4 soups sent to later patrons. I immediately cancelled the order.

I hope that this will not repeat itself for the 3rd time. I suggest that you should allocate your numerous staff who were standing around gawking to be assigned to particular tables to ensure prompt service and orders delivered.

Anonymous said...

Hrm are the pricing for the astons prime and the wan at east caost road the same ?

Ceil J said...

My ribeye extra cut that i ordered was cut in 2 pieces when it served. And, it looked less appetizing. It was an disappointing experience.

Vivir said...

I suppose the coments on here did not bother Aston.

Fu said...

(i) want to find out if we can bring our own wine to Astons? If yes, what is the corkage charge?

(ii) Can I make reservations in advance - for 12 Jan (Sat) dinner at 6pm? I dread trying to call the restaurant, can never get anyone to pick up the phone, whatever the time i call!

Thanks, Fu

aston soon said...

Hi Fu,

At Astons Specialties, we are unable to take reservations. However, you can still make reservations at Astons Prime which is across a street. We have cockage charge of between $10 - $15 for bringing own duty paid liquor. Please accept my apologies on the unattended phone calls, i will try to improve in this area. I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your feedbacks and enquiries. I will be glad to be of any assistance to you , please do not hesitate to call me at 63424634.

Fu said...

Thanks for your reply. Just one more query please. Any concerns if I bring and cut a birthday cake at Astons Specialties?

aston said...

Hi Fu,

Firstly, Astons wishes the birthday boy/girl a Very Happy Birthday with wishes comes true. For birthday cake, there is no issue at all. We look forward in serving you.Cheers!

ray said...

Hi! Do your store do reservations for V Day?