Friday, September 07, 2007

We are very happy to announce the opening of our new Restaurant -- Aston Prime! Aston Prime continues in the Aston tradition of giving you quality food at great prices. We are going to give be giving stuff like Prime Rib of Beef, Crab Cakes and really Great Quality Steaks. At Astons you don't pay for the ambience, you just pay for really quality food

Below are some samples of what you can find at our new place.

Prime Rib off the Wagon
Petite Cut 300g $39.90

Crab Cakes $16.90

Zesty Prawn Cocktail $10.90
Grade 9 Wagyu Ribeye 250gm $89.90

Roasted Rack of Lamb $33.90

Astons Prime
467 Joo Chiat Road
Open 11.30 to 11pm
Closed Tuesdays
Ring 63442447 for Reservations


the hungry cow said...

Hi Aston, Congrats! I'll be sure to pop-by to check it out. After the 500g ribeye the last time, I'm hungry for more.

southernoise said...

Finally! Will visit soon! Edwin

Anonymous said...

is the pricing the same as the east coast road outlet ? btw do u incurred GST and service charge ?

Anonymous said...

i called the east coast branch. no reservations allowed? why? business too good? will visit soon, seeing that the queues are so long and the food looks good on the website.

Beulah FLow said...

Wwwoooot! Had dinner at Prime tonight. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! Well done guys!

baddie said...

Hiya Aston!

Congrats on the new and soon upcoming branches (yes branch'es', hope to see more at all the corners of sin). Will visit u soon.

Hope u remember me :)

Anonymous said...

Was reading in the makansutra forums that you only accept cash. Is this still true or we are able to make payment through nets/credit already?

Planning for a visit soon.

aston said...

We accept Visa & Diners card. All our prices are nett. Thank You

YUMMY(: said...

nice blog too =X
grats on opening a new brand(:

Anonymous said...

Hi Aston! I visited the new branch to celebrate my bf bday 2 months back. Great services and friendly staffs who recommended us whats good. The crab cake tastes good as a starter! And the best thing is one of the guy actually sang birthday song for my bf! (and sounds good too :) Thank u so much!

Josh said...

Hey Astons,

Please put up an online menu so that those take-away fans like myself need not call your staff up and get them to read through the menu over the phone everytime I feel like trying something new!

Thanks, and Happy Holidays in advance!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Aston, thanks for the great dinner at Prime's and by making a birthday more special by being the chef for our meal, am honoured by that.

Service, food, ambience wasn't good... it was EXCELLENT! Your staff was very friendly and attentive, especially your manager William.

Looking forward to your third outlet and hopefully some grade-12, if we're lucky ;)

Best Rgds,
-No Money, No Honey & Family.

Anonymous said...

hello, i emailed you but got an error. anyway here's the reg cleaner i uses, this shit is good, don't stay without protection!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aston, Congrats!!!! me & my family members love your food... it's simply nice and value for $$$$. keep it up.

sasha said...

I've heard a lot about Aston from friends and finally got a chance to visit Aston Prime Ribs at Joo Chiat on 1st May for dinner.

However, I'm very disappointed with the manager's service right from the moment I went into the restaurant. The manager didn't welcome us very much, when i asked if there was any table for 2, all he said was "sorry, but it's full house".

I was the one that had to initiate the asking of how long does it take to get a table, but nvm.. I thought it was a small thing, so when he replied that we had to wait for 10-15 mins, i agreed.

That's not the end of it. When we've finally got a table. The table was quite small and we had to share it with others. So, when i saw that a couple had just finished eating and left the sofa table next to us, I asked one of the waitress if we could have that table and she said yes.

However, within minutes sitting at the sofa table, another waiter approached us and said that we couldn't have that table and had to shift back to our previous table. I was already a bit irritated since I've asked politely if it was ok to change table and the waitress said Ok. It didnt help that the manager was just staring behind us and didn't even say a word. I even overheard him scolding the waitress in front of my eyes that she shouldn't touch "HIS" table.

After we shifted back, To make the situation worse, when i was about to order, the wagyu beef that I've been waiting to try wasn't available and so is the tenderloin steak. And in the end, I just walked out of the restaurant.

I just don't understand what's wrong with the manager's attitude? Can't he show some respect and give better service? It was such an unpleasant experience. Both me n my bf pleaded that we would never come back and eat there anymore. That would be the 1st and last time.

Anonymous said...

Is there a price list for this place?

Anonymous said...

hear that your menu has change can you pls update the latest menu.

Anonymous said...


I am interested to apply for a postion in your company.
I have 15 years of F&B experience and sincerely hope that you can consider my application.

Thank you

Samantha Tan

Marcus said...

My family and I went to Astons in Sembawang on last Friday and this afternoon. The reasons we patroniized the restaurant twice in 3 days were because of the excellent services provided by the staff, particularly the manager, Steven, as well as the sumptuous food. Thank you.