Tuesday, January 01, 2008

We have come to the WEST!!!

Another ASTONS Express outlet has just opened in the western part of this sunny island. Located in an air conditioned dining hall at NUS Prince George's Residence (stone throw away from the SCIENCE PARK).
You can expect the same full menu range as per our other Express outlet, and our commitment to providing you the best value and quality.
So, for the "western-er", we are longer too far for you.

See U there!


Anonymous said...

Can you show your whole menu plus pictures with it? thanks..

Anonymous said...

hi aston, ate at your restaurant in east coast last week. good food but practically non existent service, i'm afraid.

ASTONS said...

1st request - please allow us a little more time to try put up a more "professional" looking template....just alittle more time :-)

2nd comments - please, please do tell of your experience. you may mail us direct at; enquires@astons.com.sg
we really do wish to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

I must agree that your steak is really good
but the service from your waiter/waitress are really bad.

Giving undesirable rude and snobbish attitude in the service industry is a disgrace really.

Astons Specialties said...

Honestly, the labour situation in this industry is not a "pretty" one. We are not gonna find an "excuse" to do badly. We sincerely wish to hear your feedbacks. Trying to do better is constantly an effort we will make. Please give us an opportunity to work towards the better. Plese e-mail us with your feedback to enquires@astons.com.sg. You've got our assurance, we will make every effort to improve.

Anonymous said...

hi aston, same here for your Serangoon Gardens branch. the portion was pathetic and I regretted going there. However, I will give a try at your east coast branch.

Anonymous said...

On 22 March, New York Strip was recommended but proved too much for my biting. It was difficult :(

clara said...

hi aston,
may i know what's the menu for the express outlets? Isit different from the normal outletS? I am interested to go to the express outlet in PGP (NUS) one day after school :)

Seven Cans said...

I work in Science Park 2 and 10 mins walk away from the NUS branch.

Tried it twice, so far so good for both the food and service ^^.

keep it up.

To those who might be interested, the price there is slightly lower than other astons branches. Probably because it is sited at the hostel.

suzanna ong said...

I was at Astons Specialties with my family on the 27th May, Tuesday (night - near to closing hours).

We ordered Chicken Spaghetti and Prime Sirloin, I specifically told your staff for the Chicken Spaghetti to be Non-Spicy and to separate the sauce and the Prime Sirloin to be well done. When the food was being served, it was totally a disappointment as the instructions that I've told your staff was TOTALLY not Noted at all! The Chicken Spaghetti came was Spicy, Sauce was not separated and the Sirloin was not even well done. Instructions was specifically given to your staff about the Spaghetti was because the food is meant for my kid whom doesn't take spicy food at all.

Besides that, the staff who took my orders, she's wearing the white polo tee with long hair doesn't looked quite happy when we ordered our food!
Was it because it was near to the closing time, that she had to take our orders in a hurry and with an unhappy attitude? I notice there is a difference in the uniforms between the t-shirt and polo tee. Are the ones in polo tee, the supervisor/ manager and the ones in t-shirt, the servers? Is she the supervisor/ manager? If she is, I think the management should really look into this matter seriously!

Because to my surprise, when the food was served, I ask your the other staff, the one in t-shirt, and told her about my orders. She apologized and changed my food immediately. At that moment, I was very furious about this matter and there's this guy in polo tee who was doing table visiting came over to me and calm me down nicely and politely. Well the girl in t-shirt and the guy in polo tee definitely sounds and looks so much friendlier then the one who took my orders.

Through this bad experience, I'm now having second thoughts of visiting Astons again.

I hope the management will look into this matter and hope this kind of situation will not happen again, else it will definitely affect the rest of your customers.

Yours Sincerely,
Suzanna Ong.

suzanna ong said...

Has been a week since i visited your east coast branch, till now, there is no explaination to be made? Anyway, the staff wearing in polo tee with long hair was so rude. I reckon that does aston desperate need staff that need to hire such a attitude people in this industry? At the rate, you will be driving customers like us away. I will having second thought till now whether want to have meals at your east coast (astons specialties).

Anonymous said...

try the food in aston bedok.. nt bad..good food and affordable. The people working there ar very helpful and resourceful though hav to wait for awhile for the food. wait for the food is ok cos its worth d eat. keep up the good work !! will ask my frens to come over.