Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We have to stay OPEN

ASTONS' team will keep the doors open 7 days a week with effect from February 2008. Exception; SPECIALTIES(East Coast Road) will only close on the 1st Monday of each month. PRIME(Joo Chiat Road) will only close on the 1st Tuesday of each month. We wish for your continual support, and we'll continue to work harder.

Lunar New Year operating schedule

All our cooks & servers will be taking a hard earned break during the Lunar New Year period.

Wednesday 6th Feb - last order at 4pm

Thursday 7th Feb - CLOSE

Friday 8th Feb - CLOSE

Saturday 9th Feb - CLOSE

Sunday 10th Feb - IN BUSINESS! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are at PGP. Will drop by soon.

Just a gentle message:
The best way to put people off from visiting your website is to embed loud music.

Jason said...

Is there a quality difference at different ashton outlets?

Anonymous said...

i went to yout PGP branch on 28/03/08 and I am extremely disappointed with the quality of the Food! The ribeye steak is not fresh and the quality so much different. The Chicken also taste bad and the potato salad and the onion rings have funny taste :(
I think i will just stick to your main branch.

Anonymous said...

came and went impressed with your food and service at your coffeshop outlet at serangoon.seats at the coffeeshop really hard to come by though.maybe you could do something about it ?

Anonymous said...

am working in joo chiat road, aston specialties and aston prime are both excellent!
glad to know aston is within reach!
hehehe..i live in serangoon and often visit friends in the west..too glad to know aston is everywhere i go...:)

Kay Samantha said...

Hey, I recently visited Astons and I have a couple of photos of your food. I'd be glad to share and contribute them to your website. Depending on how you grade the picture quality, of course it's not of high professionalism.

Anonymous said...

Hello, it's stated on the sidebar that you all are closed on Thursday for the Serangoon Garden outlet. But your post states otherwise. Can you please clarify? Thank you!

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