Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We are pleased to announced that we have included a new EXPRESS outlet :

Blk 721 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #01-2823
Wang Wei Li Coffeeshop Stall 3/4

Opening Hours : 11am-10pm

We look forward to your continuous support !


Sandy said...

I've been a regular customer of Astons and thought that it would be great as I live near by. On the opening of this express outlet, I recommend my friends to come and try out and expected the promotion to be on like other opening of outlets. Sad to know that they are not having it which is quite disappointing(Shouldn't you guys be equal?). This was alright, ultimately it is the food that matters. But I guess I was wrong.

The cashier didn't even bothered to inform us about not having the promotion and done so only after we finished ordering.(Is this suppose to be the way it is to be done?)

We order 2 salmon to be done medium. One came medium well while the other was close to medium well. When one of it came back recooked, it was like medium rare.(Is the chef inexperienced or what?) Another thing, the mushroom sauce served together with the grand sampler was cold and a little sour. Have you guys seriously do quality checks on food before it was served? Towards the end, we requested the grand sampler to be packed as we couldn't finished it. To my dismay, the grand sampler and the sauce was packed together like rojak!(Is this the way to packed things when it is suppose to be separated like how it was done in other outlet?) Unless you guys are telling me that this outlet is having a total different management from other outlet. Standards dropped a whole lot too.

Seriously, it was a total disappointment, having second thoughts about visiting this outlet.


Mr ng said...

Dear astons,

I would like to compliment on this outlets which i had visited. My wife and i had order 1kg of roast beef, 3 portions of pork rib, and a salmon steak from jurong east for family gathering. I went over and collect it at 6pm. To my surprised that, everything is ready for me including extra mushroom and black pepper sauce. It was packed into 3 big bags, the staff from the outlet offer help to help me bring over to my place as i am staying directly opposite the outlet. Though t is my second time ordering the roast beef, it bring us a very good service and high quality of food. I also congratulate you on hiring such a wonderful staff. I really wish there were more of him around in this industry.

Wish u all the best.

Anonymous said...

I have been an Astons fan for over a year. So far I have visited the Katong and Serangoon Gdn outlets and I went to the AMK stall today. One thing I notice is the level of consistence of the food. The food is hot and tastier at the Katong store. But not as piping hot and tasty at Serangoon Gdn. AMK is ok but the chargrill chicken and soup is not as tastier as Katong's.

I hope with the rapid expansion, Astons can keep up with the consistent of the quality of its food at its outlets. You guys did a great job in providing good food and are VFM(value for money). Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

wanted to know if there is a new express outlet?
at blastier?? i saw it open today~ not sure if they are real LOL

nice steaks astons :)

Luc said...

timing of the serving of the food was quite off...when my double up chicken and my friend's prime sirloin arrived...my other friends who ordered the other single chicken meals and another prime sirloin had alrdy finished their meal...

had to go to the counter to ask abt my dble up chicken and realized they forgot abt my order...

disappointing compared to the other outlets...

gnitiy said...

Yesterday night, I had cravings for Astons but the time I've arrived, it was closed by then. ='(
Kind of sad to hear as I fail to had my dinner done at Astons.

At the same time, I'm glad to know that the number of restaurants is increasing but at the same time I hope the quality, service and everything still maintain or even better as I'm aware there are number of particular restaurant's quality, services had dropped when there are more outlets seen.

I hope this wont happen to Astons as I really love the food! =)

But still, if the standard drop I won't considered to dine at the particular restaurant again. =)

Anonymous said...

Timing of the food served is the worse compared to other outlets. I can even see staffs standing around chatting and doing nothing while food is placed around at the table! Why is there so many staffs YET food is served so slow? Also when the food is served, onion rings and fries feels like it has been put there for freaking long before it is served.

I'm really glad that Astons is opening up more outlets but I seriously think you guys should take care of the quality too. This outlet is really way off.

Anonymous said...

Ive been regular customer for Astons in Tampiness Blk 829, no staffs theres remember or know me what im always ordered which is Black Pepper Steak Medium Done. When I came back few days later to buy the food from Astons is on Monday im was joining the queue out of sudden SOUND came out from a BIG SIZE Malay Guy' in the counter and approach me" Hi Sir Welcome To Astons You would like to have it BLACK PEPPER STEAK with MEDIUM DONE? Im shock! with a smile I said YES! and also he ask my name. This is what I mean service. The rest of the staffs should follow up the quality of service method and not only food and also know your customer well just like the BIG GUY......friendly.