Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ASTONS SPECIALTIES have come to the NORTH...and we are located in the brand new Sembawang Shopping Centre, #03-14.

Operating Hours : 11.30am-10pm (Open Daily)

We look forward to your continuous support & see you soon!!!


Anonymous said...

the food is good :) but the service is slow. ordered my food and it was served to me after almost 25mins of waiting.

hope the in-charge could look into it.

Anonymous said...

3 of us went to your NEW Sembawang branch on 28 Dec 08. We ordered a chicken, a pasta & a beef. After we finish our chicken & pasta, the beef is still not served. Highlighted this to the manager several times, in the end have to give up as the manager says your kitchen cannot cope!
Very upsetting!
Please contact me at tgpsan@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

My first taste of Astons at your new Sembawang branch today. We ordered garlic bread, ribeye steak and sirloin steak. My disappointment lies in the garlic bread which was served cold. I had to ask the staff to warm it up for us. Garlic bread as we know, should be freshly toasted and served while warm.

Astons said...

Though we are trying to iron out the problems face in this new outlet. Rest assured,we will definitely work harder to prevent further hicup. We sincerely thank you for your feedbacks.

Yi Xuan said...

I went last mth oso wif my husband. The service is good, some crews are attentive but not all. Food was good but my husband ordered a Pork Chop, it took the staff quite some time to inform that its out of stock and the side dish also. Should improve on this. Also because of the Pork Chop, we ordered a B/Pepper Chix Chop instead. In the end, we received 2 bills (one w/Pork Chop; the other w/Chix Chop). This shouldn't have happened, in any case customers might not be so happy and disappointed with the restaurant. I would like to ask why aren't we allow to make reservations? I called up earlier on and was told that no reservations allow.

Anonymous said...

The food at the sembawang branch is not up to standard and the service is atrocious.

At peak timing for dinner(7.45pm), there side orders and drinks ran out of stock. They can come back time and time again telling us what we ordered had been sold out, ammending our orders of at least 4 times.

The waitress repeated the order and it was correct. however, it was served and keyed wrongly in the bill. drinks that was sold out and was not serve to us was also charged in the bill. The second bill that came was also wrong. This time the drinks were removed and the wrong order was still in it.

perhaps there is just simply a break down in communication between the kitchen, and the service staff. Despite the many mistakes they have made, the manager was not even apologetic. If there is a higher management, please kindly look into these issues.

Alina said...

It has been 2 whole years since I've had my first taste of Aston's dishes at the outlet opposite of Katong Mall.. Prices are commendable thus making me visit Cathay's outlet.. The long queues are extremely annoying though but the meal was worth it..

I'm will be attempting Sembawang Shopping Centre's in 3 hours time and I sure hope the service isnt as terrible as some of the comments that were given here...

One thing that I'm rather peeved at though is, why can't Aston's have a proper website thats NOT on blogspot? I mean... seriously, I would love to see all the details on the menu and additional informations..

I also agree with Yi Xuan, there should be a reservation system implemented.. Standing outside in a queue surely isnt something us hungry singaporeans could tolerate lol

Will be back as soon as possible to give my feedback on Sembawang Shopping Centre's outlet..

Feel free to email me if there's anything that needs to be said,
Thank you..

Alina Allan Chand

Cheong said...


I went to this outlet today and is really upset with a couple of things.

Firstly, a waiter looked really angry and unhappy when we asked for 2 more servings of mushroom sauce. When we thank the staff for their services, there were no responses or even any form of acknowledgement on ALL instances. Same particular waiter appeared really impatient we asked for an additional set of cutlery.

Secondly, the food dished out was really below my expectations. The sides, namely Tasty rice was lumpy and cold. The baked potato although was warm, seem overcooked and crumbly.

Lastly, don't understand why we are charged for ice water.

However, my greatest grouse would be the bad service provided. We were not mean and unreasonable customers, in fact, thanking them when they showed us to our seats, took our orders, gave us extra servings of mushroom sauce and when we left. However, nobody seemed concerned in providing good customer experience. If i were a mystery shopper, this branch will defintely fail terribly.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Intend to ask my friends to meet there for dinner tonight. But the comments really make me think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Went to sembawang Aston for a birthday celebration. was attended by Steven- the manager at that point of time. (19th APRIL 2009)

Mr. Steven was quick to arrange table for 10. Before him, I was told by one of the staff that i have to wait at least half an hour before they can get the table of 10 for me. Steven was quick witted to get me sitted within 5 mins.

Seriously, looking at the sitting arrangement during that point of time, its pretty much sparsely sitted. if not for Steven's dedication, i believed i might had settled for another restaurant.

Isn't service a very important part in this service oriented line?

I trust Aston to know who are the good and bad sheeps in their industry. Train the staffs well and you will be rewarded not in terms of your Wealth, but also the Reputations.

Good job Steven! I would love to have you the manager when I visit with my friends again.

Food are reasonably good. Service is good too.

Anonymous said...

Just went yest to sembawang branch to eat..1st time exp..waited for my food for 30mins and has to ask how long do I need to wait for my order for 2 times, in the end came, some of our side dishes are mixed up, they offered us the correct side dishes, but when we took our 1st bite and realised the food was not even hot...some are cold...told the staff, what they could do is apologise and saying kitchen staff is new, not enough staff etc....from what I see there, they are really under-staff and alot of them are really new...
I think the mgmt shld really look into this matter as waiting time is too long and food was cold when served.....quite upsetting for me!
Please contact me at michie.teo@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Went to this outlet on 9 May. The portion was much smaller than what we had in the East Coast outlet. The Xtra portion seemed the same as the normal one. Side dishes were served later. However, the waiters who served us were soft-spoken and very patience. That's a plus point. Hope the management will keep improving their level of service, especially the kitchen staff.

Anonymous said...

Food is great at Sembawang Astons but not the service. Think the staff really need some training.

Anonymous said...

Food is great at Sembawang Astons but thumbs down for service.