Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We are happy to announce that another SPECIALITIES outlet is here to serve you @ Suntec City Mall.

Operating Hours : 11.30am - 10pm, daily.

Located at the Fountain Terrance Zone, #B1-043/044 , with a spacious area of approximately 218 square metres. It's just a great place to sit down and savour the favourite dishes you love.

At this great location, we hope to serve you better!


Anonymous said...

i would like to provide some feedback on the new outlet at suntec. i am actually a regular patron of astons specialities. i went for dinner there tonight and it was truly appalling, to say the least.

my boyfriend and i were so excited to try out the wagyu beef burger that boasted to be 100% wagyu that is juicy. we have eaten the grade 5/6 wagyu beef steak at the east coast branch and were extremely satisfied by it. but the burger at suntec, i am really sorry to say, was totally disappointing. it was dry, overcooked, and definitely NOT juicy. and the taste was really lacking. the cheese was overwhelmingly salty i couldn't taste anything else. hence i separated it from the burger. honestly, i could not tell that i was eating wagyu at all. it tasted like regular burger.

we also ordered the ieatsuperburger. both burgers came with buns that were really hard and dry (a first, i must say because i had better buns, at other outlets). the ieatsuperburger, though fared better, was severely overcooked as well. it completely lacked the pinkish undertones and tenderness of the other ieatsuperburgers i had in the past. it is definitely one of my favourite items on the menu but the suntec's version really failed to meet the standards of the others that i had. in addition, the fried onions were so oily! i never encountered that before, as well. it was so oily that for the first time, i actually developed a jelat feeling from it.

i really hope that the outlet will do something about it. i really love astons specialities' food. i wish i can say i would return to the suntec outlet, but after today's experience, i really doubt so.

- rachel -

Anonymous said...

additionally, we always assumed that our burgers would come with pink tones because in the other outlets, no one so much as asked us how we would like our beef to be done, for the burgers, and we always received the tender, juicy, pinkish patty! today was a really bad exception. no one asked, and we got a dry, overcooked burger that lacked flavour.

- rachel

Anonymous said...

I would also like to comment on the above feedback on the quality of burgers ASTONS is serving.

After several trips to ASTONS opposite katong mall, I felt that there is an apparent loss of quality in their ieatsuperburgers. The onion despite being allegedly deep fried, was soggy and well, looked drenched in oil. The patty was dry and overcooked as well.

I sincerely hope that the burgers would return to their pristine quality when ASTONS first opened. Perhaps, a solution would be to not order any of their burgers anymore as their steaks on the other hand has really good value for money.